Weather proofing Lahore airport in record time English subtitles HD

11 April 2020 / By admin

Click here for our updated video: How is it possible to weather proof the airport in only 12 months? Safegate Group and Lahore Allama Iqbal International Airport worked together in an Airport Traffic Expansion project. The objective was to increase aircraft movements from 0 to 25 per hour in low visibility. In this documentary, airport management, civil aviation and Safegate's representatives share their thoughts about what the project means to the airport, and what is key in order to manage it in only 12 months´ time. ABOUT THE PROJECT Lahore City in Punjab, in eastern Pakistan, is experiencing a boom in business and residential growth. But from mid-December until February, the winter climate brings dense fog, causing a problem for the airport. More than a hundred flights were cancelled in Lahore last year, due to low visibility. When aircraft have to divert it becomes extremely expensive for both airlines and airports and causes a lot of inconvenience for the passengers. In June 2015 Safegate Group and Lahore Allama Iqbal International Airport signed a contract to work together towards weather proofing the airport in only 12 months. Normally a project as complex as this can take years to implement. The first objective was to keep the airport open and operational during fog and make sure the airport was able to land aircraft in low visibility before the winter, guaranteeing 5 movements per hour. CAT III b landing conditions for approach were enabled with new Airfield Lighting Systems (AFL) and Instrument Landing System (ILS). The next objective is to secure the airport to be able to handle 25 movements per hour during bad weather conditions. This phase of the project entails a completely new CONOPS, installation of A-SMGCS including SMR and MLATs, Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System and operational and technical training of CAA personnel to facilitate safe and secure movement at all times.
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