Sumit Has His Way

14 March 2020 / By admin

I was 37 while working for an immigration consulting company. On those days, what I found important was to find someone who can talk my mother tongue and one such man was Sumit, a lean chap who was full of enthusiasm. He had a passion for hard work and was successful in getting a good name for him as a good and trustworthy worker.

There were two more men working with me who speak the same language. The office atmosphere was strict and the only consolation for us was to show signals with our eyes and communicate the atrocities committed by the management. I often looked at Vipin, who was the cousin of Sumit. When the manager walks around looking at the workers me and Vipin wink our eyes and giggle. This was our pastime, talking management from the back and often indulge in a phone conversation on our office phones.

Sumit was an expert in documenting and was successful in sending people abroad for jobs. At that time Sai, who also speak our same language became the blue-eyed boy of the management. For everything, they relied on Sai and wanted to promote him as a leader. Indeed, Sai was intelligent to understand what management wanted and was effective in executing the same.

I noticed one thing about Sumit. Women liked him and I always found him surrounded by pretty women who found happiness in talking with him. One-day Kavitha said Sumit is a good man. Deepti was always after him and Susmita was his close friend. As months passed by, I left that company and found Sumit continuing his job at the same place.

Smoking was his pastime. Other than that, he used to booze also with his friend Saugata Banerjee. His wife Asha was an assertive lady who keeps on nagging her husband. There are times when Sumit takes refuge at his friend's place to escape from her bothering talk.

Asha had a deep dislike for certain people. One such lady that invited the wrath of Asha was Neetu who equally hated this lady. The moment when Asha sees Neetu, her blood boils and those who sat nearby will wonder, will there be catfights soon?

Roshnee Jain was another lady who was friendly with Sumit. Both had good equations and there are times Roshnee stayed with Sumit. But familiarity had its way to breed contempt. At one point in time, she narrated how Sumit's wife humiliated her with washing the vessels that were used to cook chicken. Sumit didn't realize this.

Sumit and Asha were strange bedfellows. Their common binding factor was Malu their first daughter. To cherish their daughter both competed and often Asha won the daughter's favor with her much sweet talk.

We met and interacted well when we met on a train. Asha was fond of new ideas and was impressed by mine ideas for healthcare for the common people. We were going to participate in Vipin's marriage, the cousin brother of Asha. Even Vipin will not say that Asha was a gentlewoman. But both Sumit and Vipin were like buddies, who drink and smoke together and had good fun time.

Sumit was a good worker, even Jaya Madam of Y-Axis used to agree about this. Saugata used to testify about the excellent work done by Sumit that endeared him to the Visa team.

Once I asked about Asha. Sumit said she was in Dubai. I felt happy thinking that distance from his wife will make him happy. After five years I asked the same question. He answered, "We want to stay together." Yes, they were strange bedfellows who often quarrel and then unite with strong bonds of love.

Yes, Sumit has a way, be it his style of work or leading the family life. When I heard about him last time, he was living in Andamans where Asha just look after the household activities. Sumit is working as a security officer with Indigo Airlines. Yes, both are happy today. They have one more child, a boy and in WhatsApp their family photo appears, and I am the first one who sends a note of admiration at the photos they change. Indeed, that too showed his way to impress people on social media.

Source by Sam Arackal
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