Signing on the Dotted Line

13 March 2020 / By admin

Doing business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires great care and caution, whether you are negotiating a corporate contract or personal employment. In some cases, it's important to be aware of a different work culture; In other cases, a "buyer beware" savviness is critical to personal and professional success. Beware of possible kickbacks to executives in charge of travel purchasing, for example, and pay attention to the details in a personal employment contract.

For example, make sure a personal employment contract includes:
• shipment of your personal belongings (excess suitcases, etc.);
• agreement on a five-day work week (or pay to cover the typical Saudi work week of six days);
• specific work hours (you may be required to work two shifts from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and 4:00 to 9:00 pm);
• a work visa, not a commercial visit visa;
• support for your housing search;
• no 90-day probationary period if you are a senior executive (the contract details may be changed right before the 90-days are up);
• agreement on your budget / sales / revenue goals upfront, tied to a specific bonus or incentive agreement.

Search the Internet and consult with the US embassy to learn more about a particular company's reputation. Take advantage of your social media contacts to find individuals who have worked with the particular company that interests you. Move with caution when considering a job, contract or consulting assignment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The economy is growing in Saudi Arabia and there are opportunities for foreign executives and their companies who tread cautiously and work wisely.

Source by Tharwat Abouraya
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