Saraiki Waseb Problems, Problems of South Punjab

14 February 2020 / By admin

Saraiki Waseb/wasaib consists of three divisions including Bhakar and Mianwali. The common language of this entire region is Saraiki or Seraiki or Multani. The area of Bahawalpur, D.G. Khan and Multan is equal to 6 divisions of Upper Punjab or North Punjab. The combined area of division Lahore, Faiselabad and Gujranwala is less than Bahawalpure division. There are many problems in this region of Pakistan. Southern Punjab is most underdeveloped area of Pakistan.
Followings are the main problems of Saraiki Waseb or Southern Punjab;
1- The infrastructure of region is very poor and backward due to lack of funding.
2- The area of region is large but the funds given are very low hence there is acute poverty in this region.
3- Capital of Punjab is Lahore and people of Southern Punjab or Saraikistan has to travel for their small problems to Lahore which is costly and time consuming.
4- The education ratio in Saraiki Waseb is very low.
5- The main occupation of this Saraiki Waseb is agriculture but due to shortage of water huge land is lay vacant.
6- There is lack of higher educational institutes in region as there are only two medical colleges in this region.
7- There is not a single Women University in the region. No cadet college in this area.
8- Due to its agriculture outputs of region is known as Cotton Belt of Pakistan but there is not a single Agricultural university in region.
9- The area of Saraiki Waseb is full of natural wealth but there is lack of exploration and investment.

Above discussed problems are few very important in the long list of complaints. The people of Southern Punjab are demanding for separate province which is just and logical demand. Only after creation of new province of South Punjab the problems of this region can be solved.

Source by Sarim Awan
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